Scott Vallance
Scott VallancePresident
Autumnfire, an Ancaster-based web development and Internet marketing company, boasts a 15-year plus history of helping local businesses get noticed online in a right way.

When Scott Vallance started his business, he wanted to choose a name that was not to techy. “Autumn is my favorite season. The internet can be very cold and I wanted our company to take chill out of doing business on the web, like a warm autumn fire. “
Pat Griffin
Pat GriffinSales Repesentive
A Seasoned Business to Business Sales Professional with Demonstrated Major to Small Business Account Management and Sales Hunting expertise. I am able to leverage experiences for sales in various industry sectors including Logistics, Courier/Shipping, Import/Export, Hospitality, Hotels, Banquet/Arena/Events, and Restaurants to bring value added knowledge of Purchasing and Customer service roles.

Additionally, I offer current expertise in Apparel and Sports Wear, with enhanced skills sets in Design, Procurement, Importing, Sales and Distribution as well as varied roles in Hospitality Management and Operations that can be transferable to sales of supplies, products, services, consultative selling, business analysis, merchandising, team leading, trade shows, marketing planning and more.

I have been told I am fun to work with due to my serious sense of humor, that helps prospects and customers enjoy my visits. My "know, like and trust" approach to building rapport and selling value will help you see how my offerings are always based on your best welfare and are high integrity. My products or services will deliver as promised.

People don't look things up any more.
They Google them. If you're not there they'll find someone who is.

Scott Vallance


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