Could Your Company Survive A Ransome Ware Attack?

What would you do if your company computer(s) where gone?
Not stolen just nothing working. All your data is locked.

No emails, accounting, sales information, production,shipping. All gone.
Could your company survive an attack like this?

It’s Ransomeware and it is a real problem.

You turn on your computer and you have a message “ Send us money in 3 days or you will lose all your data”.

The general advice is not to pay the ransom. By sending your money to cybercriminals you’ll only confirm that ransomware works,
and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the decryption key you need in return.

So how do you protect your company’s data?

  1. Back up!
  2. Use a good antivirus program
  3. Keep all your software up-to-date
  4. Trust no one. Malicious malware can be sent through a web browser from a friend’s social media account and DO NOT open email attachments you are not expecting.
  5. Enable the ‘Show file extensions’ option in the Windows settings on your computer.This will make it much easier to spot potentially malicious files. Stay away from file extensions like ‘.exe’, ‘.vbs’ and ‘.scr’. Scammers can use several extensions to disguise a malicious file as a video, photo, or document (like hot-chics.avi.exe or doc.scr).
  6. If you discover a rogue or unknown process on your machine,disconnect it immediately from the internet or other network connections (such as home Wi-Fi)— this will prevent the infection from spreading.
  7. If someone you don’t know calls you and want access to your computer, hang up!

There is a new website created to help you if you have Ransomeware or you would like to know more about this growing problem.

Check it out here

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