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Save Time

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Stay Organized

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Drive Revenue

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  • Automatically turn signed submissions into PDF documents.
  • Receive an audit trail for each signed document.
  • Disable submission editing.
  • Require form users to give consent for their signatures.

Accept Payments From Forms

Incorporating payment collection within forms is an innovative solution that significantly streamlines transaction processes.
By embedding payment gateways like Square, Paypal, and Stripe into your forms, you can facilitate instant financial transactions for your clients.

This integrated approach eliminates the cumbersome process of shifting between various apps or websites for payment, providing a seamlessly consolidated experience. This not only enhances customer convenience and engagement but also results in prompt payments, improving cash flow within the business.

A variety of payment gateways are supported, catering to diverse business needs and client preferences.
Broadening payment methods demonstrates a business’s commitment to client service and technology adaptation, thus augmenting brand reputation and client loyalty.

In essence, with this solution, businesses can send a simple form to clients that not only simplify transactions but also enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


E-signatures are bringing transformative changes to businesses in today’s digital world. They help transition from conventional paper-based operations into streamlined digitized workflows, reducing associated costs and enhancing productivity.

The conversion of signed form submissions into organized PDF files is a noteworthy application. E-signatures expedite processes, allowing speedy transactions leading to high client satisfaction. They ensure legal compliance through detailed audit trails for each signed document, thereby improving transparency and accountability.

Their security feature forbids unauthorized post-signature editing, providing unparalleled safeguarding unachievable with paper documents.
E-signatures also mandate explicit user consent, confirming their understanding and agreement to the document they are signing.
In sum, e-signatures are a cost-effective, secure, and eco-friendly solution for businesses, simplifying transactions, and fostering competitive advancement
in the digital playing field.

Quickbooks Online

Send forms to clients that add them to your Quickbooks
Get notifacation by text message when a client makes a payment.


Integrating SMS text messaging functionality in website contact forms significantly enhances the communication efficiency between businesses and their customers. It enables instant, direct engagement through a platform that boasts widespread usage and high open rates.

Once a contact form is submitted, an automatic text message can be generated and sent to the customer or business representative, ensuring a fast response. This reduces manual effort and streamlines the business communication process.

Such integration can also support sending confirmation messages, appointment reminders or promotional information, fostering timely communication and enhancing customer relationship management. With SMS notifications, businesses reduce delays in communication, paving the way for immediate resolution of queries or concerns.

In essence, SMS text messages integration in contact forms provides an innovative platform for businesses to enhance their customer engagement, improve response times, and foster an overall trend of efficiency and accessibility in their operations.

Chat Bots

Content-aware website bots offer an innovative approach to intelligent website navigation and customer interaction. They are designed to comprehend and interpret the content on a website and in PDF documents, powering their ability to respond relevantly to user inputs.

These smart bots can crawl a website’s content, absorb the information, context, and structure, and utilize this knowledge to interact with visitors.
They can answer specific inquiries, guide users to relevant sections of the website, or suggest useful PDF documents for further reading.
This creates a personalized and enriched user experience.

Moreover, they can identify keywords and content structure within PDF documents, providing insightful responses linked to the document’s content.
The bots can guide users in extracting necessary information from vast documents, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

In essence, content-aware bots tremendously improve user engagement, website navigation, and information accessibility, promoting a more user-friendly, productive internet experience.

AI Video Creation

AI technology plays an instrumental role in creating videos for sales, training, and tutorials, establishing a dynamic learning platform for both staff and customers.

AI-generated videos can offer micro-lessons, focusing on one task at a time to make learning more digestible. They progress from basic to advanced features, catering to varying user expertise levels. These visual and interactive tutorials significantly improve software onboarding, accelerating the learning curve.

AI can also craft technical tutorials for routine troubleshooting. For example, resetting a router or fixing common printer issues. These step-by-step guides empower your staff to address common problems independently, minimizing workflow disruptions and fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Over-the-shoulder recordings offer a real-life demonstration of software use. Watching an expert navigate through tasks aids employees in mastering them faster.

Lastly, strategic planning training tutorials, such as writing effective OKRs, can be synthesized by AI to promote business success. AI technology aids to simplify complex concepts through the use of visuals and examples.

These AI-created videos not only enhance staff competence and autonomy but also serve as an effective tool in educating customers, improving their product/service experience and solidifying customer loyalty.

AI Text and Image Creation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undeniably revolutionized business operations, particularly in the realms of written content creation and image generation.

AI-powered content creation tools can efficiently generate high-quality, SEO-optimized written content that aligns with your business’s brand voice.
They learn from the input provided and your content’s style, generating articles, posts, or reports that are cohesive, engaging, and meaningful.
This not only saves considerable time and resources but also increases the frequency and diversity of content, improving search engine ranking and customer engagement.

Concurrently, with AI image creation, businesses can instantaneously generate high-quality visuals for their digital platforms.
AI can create images based on specific descriptions, generating appropriate visuals that align with your content, enhancing the overall user experience.
It helps businesses in building a visually compelling presence that can engage customers and boost sales.

In essence, AI in the areas of written content and image creation offers game-changing solutions that enhance efficiency, customer engagement, and ultimately, business growth.


Create automated workflows and seamlessly transfer data between applications.
Get notifacation by text message when your website receives a new lead or when a client makes a payment.

Form Building

Send forms to clients that add them to applications like your Quickbooks or Sales Force.
Can be used for creating online forms for collecting payments, leads, surveys, and more.

All-in-one Workspace

Tables turns the information collected from online forms into a centralized workspace, streamlining team collaboration and project management.


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