Single Crystals Innovative Sensors Inc.

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Advanced structural, smart materials’ Innovative Technologies.

The main goal of Single Crystal Innovative Sensors Inc. is -to introduce and  implement new novel  toxic-free, Hard, Single, mono- piezo crystals, unique designed multilayered Soft-piezo benders/ array, as  main sensing system, innovative piezo-technologies for worldwide applications. The importance of required, single, mono-structural performance is crucial  with advanced, clean, manufacturing  for the most advanced hard piezo-crystals for long lasting,  most  correct monitoring.   Piezo Array (analog to PV panels)/PEHs, based on Soft piezo benders,  introduce new controllable, long lasting, regardless of weather conditions,   sustainable sources of clean energy  for  innovative technologies for well known and the most  emerging  applications for significant and stable GHGs emission reduction. 

The climate crisis is the greatest threat facing  humanity. Floods, ice storms and droughts are increasing. Our planet is heating up because of human-caused carbon pollution, and it’s putting our water, food and health at highest risk.  Canada is warming at double the rate of other countries, and we have one of the highest GHG emissions footprints per capita in the world. In the last 250 years human activities have released more CO2 into the atmosphere than in the previous 20,000 years. The average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide on an average day.

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